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Hybrid Kayak Overview:

Hybrid kayaks bring together the best that kayaks and canoes have to offer and seamlessly combine those attributes into a stable, versatile, easily maneuverable paddling vessel. The Native Watercraft Ultimate™ Series has several key features that distinguish it from any other watercraft on the market, including its stable
Tunnel Hull™, ultra comfortable First Class™ Seating, and easy to use Adapt-A-Trak™ accessory attachment system. Certain sizes are offered in rotomolded or composite materials and the Ultimate™ 12 is also offered in their revolutionary Tegris™ material.

 Hybrid Kayaks by:
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Ultimate 12:

Popular for all forms of recreational paddling, the Ultimate™ 12 can be taken into a wide range of environments. It has generous storage space for fishing, photography or camping equipment and an array of features including cup holders, arm rests, and comfortable carry handles to enhance every day on the water.
Native Ultimate 12

Ultimate 14.5 Solo:

The Ultimate™ 14.5 Solo provides more room for larger paddlers or for more gear, with all of the versatility and comfort that define the Ultimate™ hybrid kayak series.
Native Ultimate 14.5 Solo

Ultimate 14.5 Tandem:

The Ultimate™ 14.5 Tandem provides enough comfort and space for two paddlers, fishermen, nature watchers, or birders. This hybrid kayak raises the standard for adjustability and versatility as it can be easily be reconfigured for a single paddler with more gear and then back into a tandem position.
Native Ultimate 14.5 Tandem

Ultimate 16:

The largest kayak in the Ultimate™ hybrid series provides ample space for two paddlers and any gear they may need whether for camping, photography or fishing. Or, take your whole family out for a day on the water by adding a kid's seat or dog mattress for a third smaller passenger.
Native Ultimate 16